Spoken English for Advanced

This Advanced level is for the expert learners. The aim of this level is to make the learners to develop the English proficiency of learners. This course is mainly for professionals and job aspirants who have mastered the language and are interested in enriching their language skills.

This Advanced English Grammar would be an interactive class, which would empower the learners to work effectively and to experience the aesthetic pleasure and the sophisticated way of speaking and writing.

This level focuses more on Business English on E-mail writing, Interviewing skills, Group discussion, Extempore speech, etc.

This Advance level will help the learners to be a successful aspirant.

Who should join

This is a little higher than the Intermediate level where a student knows some grammar but has a lot of hesitation in speaking and also lacks fluency.

  • Working Professionals
  • Business Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Professionally Qualified Trainees aspiring for a successful career
  • House wives intending to start their professional career

Duration Of Course

  • 30 Hours per month - Each class will have 90 Minutes duration

Course Duration

30 Hours Per Month - (All Days) Each class will have 90 Minutes duration



Rs. 5000   Rs. 4000