Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to Enroll before making payment?
Once you enroll your details, our trainer will get in touch with you to assess your proficiency. Based on that, the trainer will give suggestion to select the course for further proceedings.

2. Will learning English through ONLINE help me?
It is most certainly Learning Spoken English through LIVE ONLINE is an effective way to fine tune and polish one’s language skills. LIVE ONLINE Classes are designed for the need of learners. So that the learners will get a lot of speaking practice and helps to avoid common Errors in day-to-day conversation. This will be helpful to save time and money by learning English at your convenient place.

3. What are the topics that will be covered?
Though we have a set of syllabus, our trainers will assess the language ability of the student and their speed of learning ability to provide training. Our aim is to provide comfortable learning, while giving training on various topics like . Grammar teaching, E-mail writing, Interviewing skills, Group discussion, Extempore speech.

4. Can I get a demo class?
Yes. We will provide demo class on request. After that, the learners can pay to continue their course without any interruption. Moreover, the listener can enjoy by watching real-life recordings of our trainer’s lessons on the home page of our website.

5. Can I pay in installments?
No, it is a one-time pay mode only. The training will be provided only then the course payment is  fully paid.

6. What is the next step after I pay the fee?
After the payment of course fee, the learners will  get a confirmation call from our officials to make sure  their availability of convenient  timing and  also to  assess the learner’s proficiency level in the course of conversation. After the completion of assessment, suitable course  will be provided  to the learners.

7. What if I am not satisfied with my trainer?
Student satisfaction is important to us. So, the trainer will be changed if the learner is not satisfied.