How It Works

1. Register

First Register with your details like your Name, Email, Phone Number etc.,

Click to Register

2. Level Assessment

After the Enrollment, the learners will be contacted by their trainers who will evaluate their English speaking ability.

3. Trainer Mapping

A trainer will be assigned to the learner after the completion of Level assessment.

4. Register & Pay

In this stage, Learners will be instructed to opt the mode and method of payment with some personal basic details by selecting the mode of payment. After the course payment, the learner will be intimated – either by E-mail or by phone about the course in further details.

5. Attend Your Online Course

Each learner will get a scheduled time and can login after his / her registration is completed. He /she can attend our LIVE Online Course through his /her Desktop/Laptop or through Android/iPhone. Duration of all the Live Online Classes are 60 Minutes. Each learner can view the recorded Live class, If they experience any inconvenience in attending the session.

To Attend ONLINE Classes, the learner should have the following features:

  • The Internet Speed should be at least 256 kbps (better if it is 512 kbps).
  • The learners can access online classes on their mobile or tablet, as well as, Android and Window.
  • For laptop or desktop users, the learners must have Mozilla Firefox browser or Internet Explorer (IE9 or above) or Google Chrome. (All freely available)
  • Having a latest Adobe Flash Player & Java is essential (Freely Available)
  • The learner must have a valid email ID (GMail ID) , to attend ONLINE Classes
  • Having a Speaker (or) Head set with mic is essential.
  • All the ONLINE CLASSES will be conducted as LIVE Audio and Video (Optional) Streaming.
  • New users are permitted to attend one or two ONLINE Classes as FREE session.
  • The learners can watch the recorded class any time (24×7), In case of their absence for the session.
  • With this method of online courses, students can save traveling time, very useful for the long distance learning.
  • Students can interact without hesitation in online classes. All the questions are answered instantly by the faculty.
  • The basic Spoken English classes are Bi-Lingual (Optional) for Tamil students.

Online Classes